Thursday, October 26, 2017

21 Days of Prayer~~Day 6: Casa de Esperanza

Five years ago this month, we moved into the first location of Casa de Esperanza, not knowing how to "do" life together with men with physical limitations, but desiring to obey God and learn in the process.  I thank God for all that He has done during this time: for the four young men He has brought to live with us; the staff, caregivers and volunteers who have come to serve with us; the progress we have made in developing community in the house; providing a permanent facility for the home; the improving programs for the disabled made available though the home. The journey hasn't always been smooth, but it has always been exciting. Only God could have done the things we have experienced, and I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this.

The first "overnight" trial run group
My prayer of thanksgiving

Father God, today I give you thanks for the ministry of Casa de Esperanza.  Let our home be a light in the darkness of the world of those living with disabilities here in Guatemala.  I thank you for the hope in the future it has given our four young men.  I praise and thank you for all the things you have done to bring us to this point in ministry--many are only explained by your direct intervention.  Thank you for the staff you have brought us, who have become part of the family.  I thank you for the community of San Pedro Las Huertas, and their growing love for our guys.  You are the God who does not break the bruised reed of lives challenged by limitations.  You are the God of restoration, and I thank you for the restoration of lives through the ministry of Casa de Esperanza.  I am humbled to be part of what you are doing in and through this house.  In the name of Jesus, I bless and thank your Holy Name. Amen.

The four permanent residents of Casa de Esperanza
(Roberto, Osmi, Moises, and Fidel)
with our House Manager, Brenda Salazar

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