Tuesday, November 7, 2017

21 Days of Prayer~~Our Partners

Today I thank our God and Father for every one of you who has partnered with us in some way.

Whether it be through prayer, financial contribution, personal encouragement, or time spent serving with us in Guatemala, I am grateful. If you have helped with one of our projects or events, or come to one of our dinners, I thank you, and thank God for your presence in my life and work.

I have often said that I get the fun of watching first hand what God is doing in Guatemala, and that's so true.  I would be able to do nothing, however, if it weren't for the backing provided by each one of you.  Even taking the time to read these posts offers me more encouragement than you'll ever know, as well as allowing us to spread the news of the wonders God has done and is doing in Guatemala. So today I thank God for you.

My prayer of thanksgiving

Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus for all those you have brought alongside of me as I have been on this journey to serve you in Guatemala.  On my own, I am an earthen vessel with little strength, but in you, I can do all things. I praise you and thank you for working through by brothers and sisters who support me to bring me strength, encouragement and stamina to carry out this ministry.  

My prayer warriors are my front line of defense as we serve in Guatemala.  We so desperately need the prayer covering they provide to carry out no only the physical works of this ministry, but to make your name known and glorified through what we do. Empower their prayer lives through your Holy Spirit.

I pray for those who encourage me, through emails, calls, notes, and by reading our posts and newsletters.  While I would like to walk completely in the spirit, I still live in the flesh, and these concrete reminders of friendship and support help to keep me going, especially when things are tough. Encourage them as they encourage me.

I thank you for those who support us financially.  It is a challenge at times to trust that you will provide all we need for what you ask us to do.  The partnership our donors have with our ministry makes this promise of your faithfulness a reality in our daily lives.  Finances are a reality of serving and I am so very grateful for those who support us, whether through regular monthly donations or periodically as you prompt them.  Bless them for their generosity and multiply their resources.

Finally, Father, I thank you for the very special people who have served with us.  I thank you for those who help with events and activities stateside.  They enable us to share what you are doing in Guatemala.  Multiply their efforts.

I thank you, too, Father for the individuals and groups you have sent to work alongside us in Guatemala.  I thank you for the teams who are willing to do relational ministry in place of physical work to advance your kingdom.  I thank you for the interns who have served with me over the years, and the energy and insight they bring to our ministry.  And I thank you for those who come to visit, whether for an hour, a day or a short time to see first-hand what we are doing.  They impact our ministry more than they know, and I am grateful. All these have made personal and financial sacrifices to be with us, and I ask you in the name of Jesus to repay them generously.

For all of these "human resources" you give us to support, encourage and sustain us, I thank you, Father.

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