Sunday, November 18, 2018

Giving Tuesday, 2018--Reason #10 to support Reason to Hope, Inc.


Fidel was our first resident at the men's home, Casa de Esperanza, and the "seed" from whom our community living program grew.

Fidel in his first wheelchair while living in an orphanage
in Quetzeltenango.  Thank you Mark Richard for sharing
this precious picture--and for providing his chair.
Fidel had spent most of his life institutionalized, having been abandoned by his family at an early age.  Fidel met Pat Duff, founder of Reason to Hope, in 2006, when he was living at Hermano Pedro Hospital in Antigua.

Fidel in 2010 at Hermano Pedro Hospital
 It was immediately apparent that Fidel was a highly talented young man in spite of his severe cerebral palsy.  It was just as apparent that he was very discontent living in an institution, especially having been sent out to study English and computers, thanks to another ministry.

Fidel uses his feet not only to operate his computer
but to text on his phone.
Fidel and Pat started dreaming and praying, and Casa de Esperanza was born in August, 2013 when Fidel became our first permanent resident.

Fidel on the day he permanently moved in
with his companion-caregiver Miguel,
and his house-mate Fernando

Since that time, Fidel finished 9th grade, received certificates in graphic design, and started his own small recycling business.

Fidel was the "banderado" at his graduation
from graphic design class--because he received
the highest grades in his class.

Fidel returning from collecting recycling
in the town of San Pedro

Now, after a three year hiatus, Fidel would like to continue his education and complete high school, focusing on continuing to improve his computer skills.  Here is Fidel's request in his own words (translated from Spanish):

Hello, everyone.  I want to tell you all that I am interested in studying this next school year (beginning in January) and I would be so very grateful if someone would help me with the cost of studying.  I want to study and receive my diploma in computers.  This isn't just to get a diploma, but to improve my computer skills.  Maybe I will never get a better job, but I am very interested in technology and would like to learn more about it.  I hope you are happy to hear about my decision to continue studying, and perhaps someone will be able to help me.  I am grateful to you all.

Fidel with his home teacher who helped him through 9th Grade.
Profe Rey now runs the school in Santa Maria de Jesus
which Fidel would like to attend.
Fidel has significant communication and mobility issues, but has proven time and again that he can overcome almost any challenge if given the proper support.  It will cost about $90 a month for Fidel to study.  This will cover the cost not only of his tuition, but special transportation and the assistance of a companion-caregiver to help him at school.

Can you help this remarkable young man pursue his dream?

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