Sunday, December 30, 2018

Partnering with Reason to Hope

In June, 2010, Pat Duff move to Guatemala with a passion to serve the poor and disabled in this Central American Country.  Since that time, she has founded Reason to Hope, Inc. and now employs a staff of six full-time and two part-time Guatemalan employees.

With all the “worthy causes” competing for donations, especially at this time of year, it’s hard to know how to direct your giving where it will be used effectively and efficiently. 

God has called us to care for a group of people that is often forgotten and frequently neglected or rejected.  Those with physical, emotional or cognitive limitations who live in Guatemala.  As an American, it is often difficult to understand the challenges and even abuse those who are different face in this country.  The government provides no assistance to them or their families.  The churches don’t know how to respond to them.  Their neighbors wish they would live somewhere else.

I could share story after story about my friends with disabilities that would break your heart and hopefully anger you.  The disturbing thing is that, for these friends of mine, this is their daily life living in a country where they truly are the “least of these.”  They are an unreached and unwanted people group in every sense of the word.  God has charged our ministry to reach them, value them, then go a step further and care for them.  To do this we need your help.

It's as simple as that.  

If you give to Reason to Hope, this chart shows how we are using your donations.

To meet the various needs we found among the disabled in Guatemala we developed different strategies which we use in our ministry:


Our new Assisted Living Home
for women with disabilities
on the outskirts of Antigua

Can you help us name our new home?
Casa de Esperanza, an Assisted Living Home
for men with disabilities
located in San Pedro Las Huertas
outside Antigua Guatemala


Pat serves on the Administrative Team
of New Life School in Santa Maria de Jesus.
She offers teaching training and consultation services
based on her 30+ years experience teaching special education.

Reason to Hope also provides scholarships 
to those with special needs and 
those training to work with 
the disabled 



Fidel has started his own small recycling business and
"employs" Moises and Roberto to help with the things he
can't do independently.

Additionally, we are forming partnerships with other
NGO's in Guatemala to further our residents
job opportunities.


Through nutritional support and
educational scholarships
we help families prevent disabilities and
care for their children with special needs
in their own homes.

These ministries are made possible through the donations of our financial partners. One hundred percent of all funds received do directly to the mission field.  We receive no support or assistance from the Guatemalan government or social services to serve these special individuals.

If you would like to join us in serving the least of these, you can send a donation to:

Reason to Hope, Inc.

P. O. Box 284

Elkhorn, NE 68022

or donate on-line at

Reason to Hope, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

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