Thursday, December 26, 2019

It looks like Christmas

Decorating is a big part of our preparation for Christmas.  It might seem insignificant, but it becomes much more important when you realize our residents may not have had the opportunity to do this before coming to live with us.  Some, because of their family's economic conditions, never had a tree. Others, living in institutions, could only enjoy trees others had decorated.  So we decorate together.

This year I was in the US when the trees went up at Casa de Esperanza and Hijas del Rey women's home.  The staff kept me well informed through pictures.  While I missed being present for these activities, I am so very pleased that they were able to carry on themselves to make the house look festive.

After years together, the men have this decorating thing down to a slick process.

With the support of our companion-caregivers, Fidel is able to fully participate, despite his physical limitations.

Now they can enjoy the fruit of their labor.

The ladies enjoyed putting together their first tree in our women's home.

Opening the large box of ornaments felt like an early Christmas morning to our women as they explored their treasures.

This is our whole crew at Hijas del Rey, ready to relax and enjoy their tree in their new home.

When I returned to Guatemala Dec. 11, one of the first things I did was to decorate my little house.  They nutcrackers are very special to me.  When I left the States to move here, one of the things I left behind was my large nutcracker collection (now in the possession of my oldest son and his family).  I am slowly rebuilding my collection, adding one new nutcracker each year.  It is a link between my two worlds that is a great comfort at Christmas-time.

While it may seem like this is a secular focus as we prepare for the Lord's coming, I recognize more each year that these traditions, repeated each Christmas, help to mold us into a family and bind us together by our common experience.  I treasure these moments.

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