Thursday, December 26, 2019

Cookies point to Christ

Decorating Christmas cookies has become a tradition of our ministry here in Guatemala.  Since our ministry has grown, we hosted three separate parties this year, and made LOTS of sugar cookies and frosting.

Our first party was at Hijas de Rey women's home. The ladies hosted some of the girls from Naomi Heye's Treasures of God children's home.  I'm not sure who had more fun, but it is safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

They all worked so hard to make their cookies beautiful.

Griselda has infinte patience, which is good as she is so very particular!

Lupita wanted to show off her work.  She's quite the artist.

Chepa, who could barely use her hand when she came to us,
did a remarkable job with her cookies.

Our second party was at our therapy center in Santo Tomas.  We invited our clients, as well as their parents and siblings.  This was a great community building event.

Not a great picture, but it gives you a glimpse of some of the children with whom we work at the Santo Tomas center.

Working together cooperatively and sharing resources is a major goal of our program.  Many of our children are isolated in their classrooms because of their disabilities.  
Providing a place where they belong is important to us.

They all worked so hard to get their cookies "just right."

We encouraged the moms to participate with their children.

Of course, we had to sample our work.  Extras were boxed and taken home to enjoy later.

We were especially pleased that Jose Raul could join us after returning from a four month stay in a malnutrition program.  

No Christmas activity is complete without hearing of Jesus' birth.
Today we make collages so the children could go home and tell their families the Christmas story.

Eddy, a young man with autism, often isolates himself.  
Today he was part of the group.

Even our littlest guys participated and learned about the coming of Christ.

And, of course, we couldn't leave out our men at Casa de Esperanza.  They wouldn't let us!

In past years, it was mostly the staff who participated.
This year, everyone got involved.

Osmi is quite artistic, and his cookies reflected this.

Fidel, who cannot decorate by himself due to his physical limitations, still participated by directing Brenda as to how he wanted his cookies to look.  Here he is "wearing" one of his creations.

Mario, in particular, enjoys this activity.

The best part, to be sure, is tasting their creations.

And the finished products.
Not bad for a bunch of amateurs.

Are you hungry yet?

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