Friday, April 24, 2020

But what can I do?

During these times of uncertainty, God is calling us to stand firm on His promises, and respond as those who love our neighbors as ourselves. Hard to do when facing the great unknown, but, really, each day we face the unknown, only this pandemic has caused us to realize how little control we really do have over our future. Today is not any different than 45 days ago when things felt normal. We cannot add a minute to our lives by our worry, so let's focus on what we can do.
If you are fortunate enough to have resources, share them. Just that. I would encourage you not to respond out of fear of not having enough. Enough for most of us in the US is way more than what we need. (I say this because I have realized how much I live like I did in the US, and have more than what I need.) God promises us our daily bread, but I have been living on cake and ice cream. I have made some changes and encourage you to consider how He might be asking you to change your lifestyle.
I know many of you are financially challenged at this time, and wondering what you can do to help others when you are struggling to care for yourselves. First, I would encourage you to ask God for direction.
Do what you can to help those around you who are struggling. If God brings someone to you, respond. He knows your needs as well as theirs.
But I caution you not to fall into the trap of thinking only about material help. Emotional support and encouragement cost nothing and are vital at this time. Look for the positive in what is happening around you, and share this with others. Let your social media posts glorify God and what He is doing, rather than predict doom. Nothing is changed by social media venting, and much damage can be done both to yourself and others. Be careful.
Take a minute to thank the person at the cash register for coming to work. If you have contact with "front line" workers, tell them they are appreciated. Look for how others are kind to you and thank them. Write notes or emails of encouragement to those who God places on your mind.
And, above all else, cover these things in prayer. Let it be said after this that those who follow Christ have brought Him honor and glory in these times. Others have before us, and let us honor them by doing the same.